Searching for a better way to access control and monitor the security of your business or home? Installing a new intercom security system might be the solution. A new intercom security system allows homeowners and building occupants the ability to determine who’s at the door or gate before letting them in.


Types of Security Intercoms

When selecting a new intercom security system, there are four basic types to choose from.

  1. Hard wired intercoms – When installing a new intercom security system, hard wired intercoms are best to be installed when a building is under construction or in its initial stage. That’s because every speaker and station is connected with real, physical wires. Although more expensive, a hard-wired system offers unparalleled clarity, security and reliability. Unlike in a wireless system, there are no networks that could potentially crash or be hacked, and the signal is not interfered with.
  2. Wireless intercoms – Wireless intercoms make use of radio frequencies for transmitting signals. These systems are prone to interference causing problems. Interference can be caused by the distance between devices, as well as the brand and quality of it. Most of the wireless intercom systems come with a portable receiver that can be used from different locations.
  3. Carrier current intercoms – Carrier current intercom systems consume electricity via AC electrical systems in order to produce medium frequency signals. The audio quality of these systems is not as good as that of new intercom security systems that are hard wired but it provides a good means for communication across a building. A new intercom security system is installed by integrating them with the internal wiring of the building, so that it works with the building’s electricity.

Automated gate entry intercoms- These systems would allow opening the door or gate remotely without you having to physically open it for someone entering the premises. The user can open, lock, close and lock the door using a button on the remote. Usually these systems have a video camera, to monitor the person entering the door via footage being recorded.

Types of security intercoms


Intercom Door Release

A new intercom security system provides the latest technology allowing the user to see who is at the gate or door, speak to that person and even allow a small video or photo to be taken on your smartphone or tablet device from anywhere in the world. A new intercom security system can also be connected to open a door or gate to give visitor or vehicle access to a premise. All new intercom security systems have the function to open the door, release the electric lock or multiple locks, if they are connected.


Mobile Intercom

Most new intercom security systems, whether hard-wired or wireless, offer the ability to connect to your mobile phone through an app, so you can always see and talk to people at your business or home no matter where you are, they may even allow you to release the door. As long as you have a mobile connection, you can use your new intercom security system.


Security Intercom Advantage

With the addition of hands-free electronic operation, live video capabilities and wireless functionality, new intercom security systems now play an even greater role in protecting your assets and enhancing the safety of your home or business. New intercom security systems are very popular and installing a new intercom security system will be worth it’s costs in the long run.

Here are a few advantages of a new intercom security system:

  • Advanced security
  • Added protection
  • Remote viewing
  • Inter-room communication
  • Record keeping
  • Monitor visitors to your premises
  • Adds value to your property


Intercom Access Control System

A new intercom security system has the ability to serve as your main access control device. New intercom security systems have a variety of advanced features that can control entry systems, such as gate and door operators, magnetic locks, and electric door strikes. On top of that, they can support your video surveillance needs by integrating with CCTV cameras.

New intercom security system controls include:

  • Audio / Video Intercom systems
  • IP Based Intercom systems
  • Audio intercoms
  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Doorbell buzzer systems
  • Room to room intercom systems

If you’re looking to incorporate an intercom unit to the access control system of your facility, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a professional first. There are a variety of new intercom security systems available, which means no matter what your purpose, be it residential or commercial, there is an intercom access control system that will be able to suit your required needs.