Terms and Conditions

If all the above work quoted is not done and only parts are accepted, we reserve the right to re quote once the quote is accepted, we reserve the right to inspect the access control doors and make a different electric lock suggestion.

We reserve the right to alter the price of the project if the site presents differently to what was on the quoted plan.

If we are asked to attend site to fit off and the site is not ready, we reserve the right to charge for wasted time.

Our intention if we must return as works were not complete would be the following day so please expect us however this may not always be possible.

Included in the access quotations are the locks and installation.

Finger scan reliability is questionable, and conditions apply.

Facial recognition may have light issues and conditions apply. Press to exit and Break glass are located to work magnetic locks from one direction only.

On doors with strike locks we assume free egress from the opposite site of the door via the door handle by others.

Basic programming has been included to get the system to a comprehensive working state.

Any special programming will be charged at $220.00 per hour.

When relocating existing equipment, we are not responsible for the equipment or the programming thereof.

We have included hours of training for one session only once the client moves in.

Please ensure the person responsible for the management of the system takes advantage of the training session and is comfortable to proceed on their own as once training has been completed, we reserve the right to charge to return to site or to give phone support or team viewer to their computer and this charge will be $220.00 per every thirty minutes.

We have not included swipe cards as we assume the client will obtain these from base building.

We require a base building programmed card to verify we can learn the base building credentials so one card is used for base building and the new access control system.

In some instances, extra charges will apply if base building readers must be purchased.

We require the access cards, site code, number range of cards preferably in a CSV file with employee names and access permissions prior to end user instruction and hand over.

For a fire trip to be connected we require a dry contact to be run to the location of our equipment to be labelled and done by others.

A fire trip relay has NOT been included in this quotation unless specified.

We require real-estate in the comm.’s / utilities area for the access control system which is mounted on the wall.

Double GPO and Datapoint for the access control are required on every installation and done by other.

When installing Noahface we require a double GPO above each door and if it is set in the ceiling, a trap door, so we can access the power done by others.

In most instances the access control software is web based, where the client’s IT department / person can set up the access control on the client’s network or connect a laptop to simply manage the system.

This service is not supplied or included. Standard cabling has been quoted to be used for the security system.

We have not included any cable tray, catenary wires, conduit, ducting or any other requirements not made obvious in the quoting documentation.

We will do our best to keep the cables tidy in the ceiling space.

We have not included scissor or platform lifts, ladders over 8ft and if required charges apply.

Cabling is quoted to be done in pre-fit out phase, while the site is being constructed.

We cannot install the electric locks until the door is completed with all its door furniture and locks.

If we are called to site and the doors are not ready, we reserve the right to charge for wasted time.

Access holes may be required however patching and painting is excluded and to be done by others.

If your job is cabled by others, then it’s your cablers and or your responsibility to ensure cables are correctly labelled and terminate in the correct locations.

We have not included to remove empty TV boxes or any big equipment box from site.

We have not included to supply operational & maintenance manuals, CAD or installed drawings, incorporating schematics or equipment layout or certification.

CCTV cameras are positioned and focused at the time of installation.

If the client wants to be present, please advise as if we have to return as the client wants the direction changed then extra charges will apply.

Our work is quoted to be done Monday to Friday between 7:30am to 3:30pm We have not included after hours work and if required overtime charges will apply.

The free restricted cylinders fitted to access control doors are done on the proviso that there is a cylinder that meets Australian standards already fitted on the door.

Charges apply for extra keys and extra cylinders
Payment terms are 30% deposit confirming acceptance, 40% once stock is on site and 30% on completion.

For clients that have account with Security Unwired payment terms are strictly 30 days from end of the month that the invoice was received. All other payment due on receipt.

By issuing a purchase order or acceptance to proceed with work quoted means you agree to the above terms and conditions.

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