With so many brands and so many options of intercoms, we suggest sticking to the suppliers that have been around for a long time and will cater to your solution. Traditional audio and video intercom systems have been around for ever and with new technology comes new ideas like the ability for the intercom to display and communicate with your mobile device. Or simply have a monitor on your desk which give you the ability to open a door once you have seen and communicated with the person on the other side.

There are so many options, but our team of licensed and qualified technicians will find, design and install the perfect solutions for your commercial space so you get the most management out of your commercial front door. We also suggest to chat to our team about an intercom solution before you build your office so that cable can be installed as it is more reliable than the wireless options!

Products used

  • There are so many products being imported however we strongly recommend using the major brands that are supported.
  • When we do the appraisal and understanding of your requirements we will advise a solution.


Do I need to cable for an intercom

  • There are wireless options for door bells which can be purchased off the shelf however we will only recommend installing a cabled intercom system. 


Can the intercom open the door

  • All intercoms can open the door, release the electric lock or multiple locks, if they are connected. 


How much does it cost

  • By understanding your premises and requirement we will tailor a suitable system to meet your budget.
  • With intercoms we don’t recommend compromising on quality products.

What is the process of the new intercoms

  • When one presses the intercom button if you are not in, the call including the picture can be sent to your mobile device so that you can communicate and even release the door.


Can the intercom be integrated to my home automation

  • We generally integrate the intercom to touch pads or an iPad located throughout you home.
  • We look forward to discussing the various options with you. 


Can I see who’s at the door from my mobile device

  • Yes – depending on the type of system, when one presses the intercom button if you are not in, the call including the picture can be sent to your mobile device so that you can communicate and even release the door.
  • You can do this from any in the world where you have internet access.
  • This service is reliant on broad band.

Communicate Easily With Outside Access

You can ensure that access to your organisation is controlled through a security system that also secures unauthorised personnel from entry.

Our Service Promise

With over 34 years experience, we’re committed to providing an unparalleled level of service to all of our customers. We provide the design, technicians and solutions you need for the most sophisticated custom access control and security installations. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and innovative solutions.

Customer Testimonials

"Our needs were meticulously assessed and recommendations were then made with those needs fully taken into consideration. Julian was a pleasure to deal with."

Russell Marx

"Thank you for getting everything sorted so quickly. Your technician was great and has got everything up and running perfectly! The system is great and a vast improvement on what we had."

Peter Larkin

"Quick to quote, and then to install once accepted. Continued support after the job was done and very helpful, highly recommended. Thank You Julian!"

Melinda Aitken

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