Your Security Unwired Questions Answered!


Why should a business install an alarm

An office, warehouse shop or any facility without an alarm means if you have been broken into the thief has time to take what they can. If your facility has an alarm the deafening sound of the screamer and not knowing who will be attending to see why the alarm has been set of gives the thief less opportunity. I would also like to know if my office has been broken into instead of finding out when I return to work.
Convenience: The alarm is your eyes and ears after you have locked up.
Value: Minimum initial expense for a long term reward.
Efficiency: Always protecting your assets.
Dependability: After sales service is second to none if required.


Why should a business professionally monitor the alarm

An alarm without monitoring relies on the siren and internal screamer to frighten and make the thief hurry. A monitored alarm lets you immediately manage your situation.
Convenience: You choose who is called in case of emergency.
Value: At a dollar a day why would you not want to know what is happening once your office has been locked up for the night.
Efficiency: We continue to call the emergency contact list until we have clear instruction.
Dependability: By managing your own security you have the option to ask for an armed response, call a staff member that’s close by or call the police.


Why should a business install CCTV

Besides addressing OH&S requirements the management of staff, productivity and having the ability to go back in time to see an event is critical and extremely valuable. Hindsight is always 20/20
Convenience: Live feed via your mobile device or desktop computer
Value: Your staff know you have the ability to view and go back into history which has proven to reduce theft
Efficiency: Better staff behaviour and customer service
Dependability: Digital video recorders are purpose built to do one job so the reliability of the product you have chosen is paramount


What is the difference between a no name brand product and a main stream product

Our philosophy of only using brands that are extremely well supported in Australia has paid off. So many of our installations are removing no name brand equipment that has become faulty and can’t be locally supported.
Convenience: There are very few instances where our trained technicians can’t repair a fault and because we are the backing of the importer and manufacture your product will be successfully repaired.
Value: Often one does not spend much more to get a branded reliable product
Efficiency: Minimal down time if any at all as we understand the value of having the system working 24/7
Dependability: Our service today is a promise we are proud to up hold and deliver


How do I use my system

Most electronic equipment is very simple to use and run by a simple app you download on your mobile device. Once our experienced technicians have completed the installation, we will spend time with you to ensure you understand how to manage your new system.
Convenience: Easy to use app based products
Value: In most instances the app is free
Efficiency: Simply open the CCTV app and view the various cameras live
Dependability: Electronics today is dependable especially the equipment we support and suggest


Who does the installation

All of our technicians are fully trained and qualified with years of experience. We have several teams who all specialise in their fields and are deployed as per there speciality.
Convenience: We understand the importance of a perfect installation and hence we have the correctly qualified technicians to complete your installation.
Value: Installation is almost always included in the final price.
Efficiency: We work as quickly and safely as possible and for noisy work we are happy to work after hours.
Dependability: If you have been booked in for an installation you can bet we will be there on time as we love what we do.



We learnt years ago that to rely on others does not always work out. We do all our own locks. They are professionally installed, one would think the lock came from the manufacture with the door.
Convenience: We install the cabling and cut out the lock at the same time ensuring the work flow is streamlined
Value: Because we do the locks and cabling at the same it saves labour hours and saves you money
Efficiency: We don’t have to wait for a third party to arrive
Dependability: We have equal experience with locksmithing and installation of security systems and guarantee to do the best installation possible


When should we engage your services

Most companies engage us to firstly do a proposal which includes a solution that meets their requirements and budget. The sooner we are engaged the sooner we can get to site and prepare for a quality installation.
Convenience: Once your installation is in our system we take care of everything
Value: We purchase products once you have given us the job to ensure no price fluctuations
Efficiency: If you are in our system we have scheduled your installation at the appropriate time to suite the build or time line
Dependability: We work on referrals and ensure your installation is successful so we go the extra mile to be dependable, on time and under budget.


How do we get a quotation

Fill out the convenient request for quotation here on the web site and we will get back to you on the same day.
Convenience: Our online form is easy to complete and is directed to the appropriate department.
Value: While we are very competitive we are not always the cheapest as highly trained technicians come at a premium.
Efficiency: In most instances your proposal will be done on the same day the request was received, as service from day one is paramount.
Dependability: We have experience and will generally do a site inspection to ensure we are quoting on your requirements and providing the solution you are expecting.


What’s included in your quotation

After understanding your requirements we aim to give you the best quality components and installation possible. Our quotation is broken down into simple sections and we do not leave anything out so we can charge extra later. Everything require is included and the final price is what you can expect to pay.
Convenience: For your convenience we also include a location plan with legend that show exactly what we have quoted on.
Value: We value add with options all broken down into sections.
Efficiency: Your quotation is generally emailed to you the same day it was requested.
Dependability: We guarantee the products we use, the installation and the service we provide to be the best we can possibly do each and every time.

Our Service Promise

With over 34 years experience, we’re committed to providing an unparalleled level of service to all of our customers. We provide the design, technicians and solutions you need for the most sophisticated custom access control and security installations. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and innovative solutions.

Customer Testimonials

"Our needs were meticulously assessed and recommendations were then made with those needs fully taken into consideration. Julian was a pleasure to deal with."

Russell Marx

"Thank you for getting everything sorted so quickly. Your technician was great and has got everything up and running perfectly! The system is great and a vast improvement on what we had."

Peter Larkin

"Quick to quote, and then to install once accepted. Continued support after the job was done and very helpful, highly recommended. Thank You Julian!"

Melinda Aitken

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