Noah Face Facial Recoginition

Transform your business with Facial Recognition from NoahFace! NoahFace Access runs on a tablet mounted next to your door, constantly monitoring for people approaching. When it sees a face, it compares it with known faces using the latest facial recognition technology.

From being the first tablet-based App to employ facial recognition for customer service, NoahFace has now developed into the more secure alternative to access control cards, PIN numbers and fingerprint identification. Your face is your key that allows access to you only, and cannot be given away like an access card or PIN number!

As with traditional access control systems, Facial Recognition comes with the same amount of management options. For example, a facilities or security manager can restrict access and time for a variety of groups, all from a simple to use password protected web browser.

This ingenious, accurate and fast facial recognition system can also incorporate Time and Attendance amongst an array of other customisation features, such as Visitor Management and Job Tracking.

From just fifty cents per user per month (and once off setup/installation fee), Noahface facial recognition is an extremely inexpensive option, that is simple and convenient to use and a must for the security of your business.

See the video to explain more!

What is facial recognition

  • This new and secure technology called NoahFace uses facial recognition to open doors with a glance – replacing access cards to deliver the world’s fastest and most convenient access control solution.


Is there a privacy issue with facial recognition

  • Like all Access Control Systems, NoahFace Access allows you to record user details (eg: their name, unique identifier, and a profile picture) as well as an event log of all access attempts.
  • In recording such information, you need to be aware of and adhere to relevant privacy laws.
  • Privacy laws are different in each state, and if you are concerned we can discuss them in more detail with you.
  • You can also review their Privacy Statement and Terms of Use.


How does it work

  • It can be used on a door that has access control or as a stand alone system.
  • The iPad camera samples your face, matches you in the database and releases the electric lock according to the parameters and restrictions set for you.
  • Each person can have different parameters and restrictions.
  • Noahface even caters for people that don’t want a picture of their face to show when entering the door

How fast is the facial recognition process

  • Once the camera can see a face, NoahFace Access can recognise it in under a second.
  • Each time you use the system it learns, making the process even faster over time.


What components are required

  • We use the latest iPads, electric locks and Noahface software and module.
  • This can be connected to any existing access control system or as a stand alone door.


Most popular uses

  • IT rooms, rear office door to the bathroom and the main entry door.


Can I control who can enter and when

  • Yes – NoahFace Access allows you to configure access rules to control who has access, and on what days and during what hours they have access.


Can facial recognition save time

  • Did you know that by simply walking towards a door that is released saves a huge amount of accumulated time compared to walking towards the door then finding the access card, badging it, and then opening the door.


How much does it cost

  • It will depend on the door and if it has existing access control.
  • A new door would require an electric lock and 240v power while an existing access controlled door could just require the iPad, Noahface module and some cabling.

Your Face Becomes Your Key

Give your business the ultimate security protection with facial recognition to control access within your business .

Your Face Becomes Your Key

Give your business the ultimate security protection with facial recognition to control access within your business .

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